Impact of Electric Power Generators’ Variables on Noise-level Generation in Indoor Building Environments

By Andrew Mhya Stanley.

Published by The International Journal of the Constructed Environment

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Electricity generation from fossil fuel combustion is associated with air, noise, soil, and water pollutions that affect the environment. This study assesses the influence of a generator’s age, capacity, and distance from a building on noise generation in the indoor environment. A total of seventy-two households that own and operate an electric power generator in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria, were assessed. A digital sound level meter (model 8925) was used to determine the noise-level generation from the electric power generators in households. The age, capacity, and distance from the building of the generators were obtained from the survey and were assessed to determine their impact on the noise levels generated. The results obtained showed that the minimum distance of a generator from the inside of a building was 1.5m with a noise level of 74dB while a maximum distance of 20m was recorded with a noise level of 41.67dB. The maximum noise level recorded was 85.13dB at a distance of 2.4m. The mean generators’ noise level was 68.65dB above the WHO recommended limit of 30dB, the generator age was 3.7 years, capacity 2.3KVA, and the distance was 3.86m. The characteristics of variables for generator age (p<0.05) at all the clusters were similar while the significance levels for capacity and distance varies. This study recommended that the government should, as a matter of urgency, address the problem of erratic power supply in the country. Public enlightenment on health and environmental risks associated with generator use should be carried out. If generator use must continue, building acoustic treatment, muffling, sound proofing, and placing an age limit on generators should be considered as a national policy issue.

Keywords: Electric Power Generator, Noise Level, Indoor Environment

The International Journal of the Constructed Environment, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp.17-29. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: August 29, 2016 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 816.373KB)).

Dr. Andrew Mhya Stanley

Lecturer, Department of Building, Faculty of Environmental Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria